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General FAQs

What is Cancer Hope Network?

Cancer Hope Network is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide one-on-one support to people undergoing treatment for cancer and their families. We provide this support by training individuals who have recovered from cancer, or cared for someone who has recovered from cancer, and matching them with cancer patients currently undergoing a similar experience.

For whom does Cancer Hope Network provide support?

We provide support to cancer patients 18 and older and their caregivers.

What type of support do you provide?

Emotional support and encouragement are provided by Cancer Hope Network's Support Volunteers via telephone on a free and confidential basis. By sharing their personal cancer experiences, they help to re-instill hope for not only survival but aLso for a full life.

How does it work?

The patient calls us toll free at 800-552-4366. Our Patient Services Coordinator talks with the patient to determine basic information such as the type of cancer, stage, treatment, and side effects as well as psychosocial information such as age and gender. In particular, the patient's specific immediate needs are identified. Based on this information, our matching software program generates a list of potential Support Volunteers for the patient. The Patient Services Coordinator, utilizing personal knowledge of each Support Volunteer, selects the best possible match and contacts the Support Volunteer. The Support Volunteer then calls the patient at a mutually convenient time. If the patient wishes to speak with the Support Volunteer again, he/she can call our toll-free number and we will set up another appointment. There is never any expense to the patient.

How is your organization funded?

Since our founding in 1981, Cancer Hope Network has been virtually self-funded. Approximately two-thirds of our funds are generated by special events (golf outings, dinner dances, auctions, etc.) and one-third of our funds come from foundation grants and private donations. We receive no public funds from local, state, or federal government agencies.

With whom will I be matched?

Patients and volunteers are matched according to similarity of their diagnoses, treatments, and side effects. Age, gender, and geographic location are considered as well. This close matching builds trust and understanding and helps the patients and volunteer relate on a common level.

Who is eligible to receive services?

Cancer Hope Network’s services are directed towards adult cancer patients and co-survivors who are actively undergoing, about to undergo conventional treatment, or may be suffering with long-term side effects from previous cancer treatment. Patients with other needs (financial, transportation, legal, etc.) being treated solely with alternative medicine or in hospice care are provided referrals to other organizations designed to meet their specific requirements.

Are there fees for services?

Cancer Hope Network's services are free and confidential.

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