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This spring, Cancer Hope Network hosted two volunteer trainings - an online series of workshops in partnership with Free to Breathe and an in-person training at the Morris County Library in Whippany, NJ.  

From cyberknife to radiation, colon resection to maintenance chemo and participation in a clinical trial, these volunteers have undergone a wide range of treatments. Their co-treatment strategies and coping methods are wide-ranging too: including naturopathic remedies, becoming a Reiki master after diagnosis and finding the humor in every situation.

We are delighted to introduce our newest group of volunteers – ready to provide hope for patients and caregivers!

  • Christina – Breast 2 (Her2+, weak ER+)
  • Hugo – Caregiver to multiple family members, including bereavement caregiver (siblings, lung cancer) and breast/thyroid cancers (wife) Bilingual Spanish
  • Julie – Breast 2 (ER+)
  • Melissa – Breast 1, twice (nonrecurring). 1st dx: ER+, 2nd dx: Triple + (ER/PR/Her2+)
  • Rodney – Bereavement caregiver. Bilingual Hindi.
  • Shelly – Lung 4 (Adenocarcinoma)
  • Susan – Breast 3C (ER+, BRCA 2+)
  • Teres – Colorectal 3
  • Thomas – Multiple Myeloma 3

For more than 30 years, Cancer Hope Network has provided one-on-one emotional support to cancer patients and their loved ones by matching them with trained volunteers. Each of our more than 400 Support Volunteers are at least one year post-treatment or successfully undergoing maintenance therapies. Click HERE to request a match with a Support Volunteer of your own.

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