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eHOPE: stories and more

What do a foodie, a gamer, a librarian and a laker have in common? They’re the newest members of the CHN volunteer community.

Support Volunteer Lenny recently sat down to share reflections and lessons from the extraordinary year that was 2020. We are pleased to share those reflections here.

Honoring the brave clinical trial participants who make hope a reality.

With so many challenges tearing us apart, a yearning for HOPE—for a light in the darkness— brings us together. With your help, a lot has been going on.

We give thanks for the survivors, caregivers, donors and friends who have helped us to create hope in 2020.

15 year Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor expresses the many emotions of survivorship through poetry.

The annual event raised $6,000 in support of patients and caregivers facing cancer.

Hold 'em for Hope! Join us Tuesday, November 10 for CHN's inaugural poker fundraiser.

The group joins more than 400 volunteers already serving. Together, they will provide support, mentorship and hope for patients and caregivers facing cancer.

Cash and gift registry to help patients fighting cancer.

Norwex Consultants and the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter future are again partnering with Cancer Hope Network to raises funds and awareness for people fighting cancer. This piece appears on the Norwex blog.

“Everyone is sympathetic, but unless you’ve been exactly in that same place, you don’t really grasp it.” Ellen shares what volunteering to support other lung cancer survivors means to her.

Legacy is not just what we leave behind. It’s the connections we share and the ways in which we support each other. It’s how we inspire hope.

Calling all lung cancer survivors and caregivers! Please join us for a Support Volunteer Training on October 12-13.

What do do. What to say. Five practical tips for how to react when your loved one is diagnosed with cancer.

This article first appeared in the June 2020 edition of Oncology Nursing News.
Diane E. Paul, MS, RN is the Chief Operating Officer, Drug Development Associates Founder, Cancer Hope Network

Help make up revenue lost due to cancelled fundraising events.

Navy vet. Grandfather. Long-term prostate cancer survivor. Support Volunteer Kent shares the importance of PMA - Positive Mental Attitude.

Two-time survivor Stef shares her journey to "making lemonade out of my lemons."

The 10th Annual National Conference on Work & Cancer will beheld virtually on Friday, June 19, 2020.

Thanking the men and women who continue to make life beautiful.

Immunocompromised cancer survivors know about physical distancing and stress. Here, they share five tips to help you cope.

Meet the woman connecting with clients and spreading hope when they need it most.

Celebrating the most important part of the Cancer Hope Network team - our volunteers!

A match made in heaven. Our Director of External Affairs, Sarah, needed us as much as we needed her.

Tips for finding serenity and making healthy choices while staying at home.

Yoga teachers, cancer coaches, a hot rod driver and a clinical trials professional. Our newest class of Support Volunteers is here to help.

Rachel has lead a life of caring and has no intentions of stopping any time soon.

Navigating the challenges, isolation and fear brought on by the novel coronavirus.

Cynthia leads the CHN team with experience and care.

Breast cancer survivor Bhawna shares her experience facing cancer as a mother to small children.

From radio waves to waves of hope, Randibeth shares her talents with the team.

Our Associate Director of Development is a word superhero.

Maggie is continuing a family tradition of service through her work at Cancer Hope Network.

Honoring the folks we love most and celebrating the hope that's found in the camaraderie and connection of a CHN match.

Honoring the folks we love most and celebrating the hope that's found in the camaraderie and connection of a CHN match.

Introducing the youngest member of the Cancer Hope Network team.

A behind the scenes look at the hands (and voices!) that find hope.

The two bring decades of professional expertise, personal experience and a passion for helping cancer patients.

A Navy veteran, a yoga instructor, a software developer, pet parents and more. Our newest class of Support Volunteers is here to help.

Thanks to our hard working staff and dedicated volunteers, 2019 brought hope to cancer patients across the nation.

Area business group supports Cancer Hope Network.

Finding inspiration and peace in cancer's new normal.

Five clients share their experiences being matched with a survivor Support Volunteer.

There are many ways to provide hope to cancer patients and their loved ones. Here are a few.

Honoring Lori Roth and Randy Cohen, ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation at Kessler Rehab.

Forget fast. Finding happiness and creating margin to enjoy our loved ones and find what's important.

CHN trustee Lindsay Tasher gets creative with this step-by-step guide to creating one of a kind quilted holiday stockings.

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